Vacuum Insulated Cups

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Our automatic vacuum preservation cup is your best choice!

 Product Features:
★ Easy to operate, just press the power button.
★ The vacuum pump can start working, after 22 seconds of operation.
★ The negative pressure in the cup reaches 50kpa to 60kpa and the lamp is automatically extinguished.
★ Take the vacuum head immediately.
★ After pressing the button for 3 seconds, the light flashes and enters the long-time working mode.
★ The vacuum pump is always working until the button is pressed to reset.
★ The product's battery is a rechargeable battery, USB interface.
★ When the charging voltage is less than 3.5v, the red light will start to charge.
★ The light will turn blue after charging is complete.
★ The battery charging time takes about four hours.
★ The cup is made of food grade certified materials imported from the United States.
★ Made in environmentally friendly production conditions.

Product Specifications:
Name: Automatic vacuum preservation cup
Color: White
Size: 74*80 mm
Weight: 300 g
Material: Tritan copolyester
Product Model: ZR-18-01
Charging Interface: USB
Fresh-Keeping Period: 48 hours
Vacuum Degree: >50kpa

Package Included:
1 * Vacuum head
3 * Cup cover
1 * 600ML cup
2 * Small cup
1 * Data line
1 * Instructions 


 13.20 inches * 8.30 inches * 4.30 inches
 1.53 pounds